Whether you have children or not, getting away as a couple is always something memorable. A time to fall in love again and reconnect with each other.

I drive my husband a little crazy when we travel together because I’m always looking at how the spaces are put together and getting inspired by the beautiful architecture, a really great sofa, or an amazing piece of art. It’s an addiction, really. Lucky for me, he shares (most) of my design sensibilities and we like the same colors, too. It’s wonderful when couples agree on a design style and can quickly furnish their home in a way they both enjoy. However, it rarely happens. We designers are often called in to help couples create a space that combines two vastly different styles and ensures that everyone will be comfortable in the room. Here are six tips to help you and your special someone decorate a space that compliments both of your personalities and tastes.

*Photo Inset: He wanted dark colors and she wanted light and soft. We found common ground inspired by a recent to the Bahamas they clients enjoyed together. We used the dark colors as accents to satisfy his desire for a little masculine feel and we used light walls, draperies and flooring to keep the space bright for her.

Talk about Money First – Often some of the most challenging issues are related to the budget. If you are thinking 5-star and he’s more in a 3-star frame of mind, it can cause issues. Be sure you are on the same page when it comes to scope, schedule and cost.

Find Common Ground –We love our partners because they are different from us. It makes them interesting and exciting. To find common ground, I often ask couples to each pull a few pictures from their travels, magazines or on the internet and share them with their partner. Each person then must find a few things in each other’s picture that they like. Often a shared experience from a vacation will help make that connection.

Divide and Conquer – Decide what is really important to each person. If you don’t care about the electronics, and your partner is concerned about the entertainment experience, let them handle that portion of the design while you focus on what you think are the critical elements.

Sign Off Required – Make a list of items that require both partners approval – like seating. If you have a large height disparity, finding a sofa you both like can be a challenge. Consider using two chairs, one sized for each person so that everyone is perfectly comfortable.

Start Big – It’s best to start your makeover by selecting the largest pieces first. If you are keeping your furniture, you can get a fresh perspective by taking everything but the large pieces out of the room and playing with the layout. That chair you love but your partner hates, may become a favorite if it’s placed in a new location.

When it Comes to Color – One of the most common disagreements I hear is that couples can’t agree on a color scheme. One partner likes very strong bold colors and prints and the other prefers a neutral scheme. In these cases I recommend using a neutral base to the room by using simple, solid colored furniture and adding the color using art and pillows.

We want to make our decorating decisions with love and respect for our partner. Since our home is our haven, creating a space you both love will give you sense of accomplishment and be proud to say you created your Resort At Home together.