For a long time resorts shied away from using prints going for more simple, neutral palettes but that is all changing. One of my favorite resorts, Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa is a great example of using beautiful prints to show off your style without overwhelming the space.

Resort at Home Guest Room Home Decor Mix Prints Stuart FL

This guest room at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa is a perfect example of a great use of prints. The dramatic floor pattern adds zest and interest. The beautiful headboard becomes the focal point in the room and the bright, but simple prints on the pillows and a punch of color.

If you’ve been debating about whether or not to use prints in your next decorating project…fear no more! Prints are definitely more eye-catching than solid or textured fabrics. They dramatize the look of window treatments, furniture, walls and floors. Be sure to choose one main pattern – usually large or medium in scale and make that your show stopper design.

You can add additional prints and patterns in smaller scales to your room’s overall design. If you want to maintain that high end resort feeling, don’t get too carried away with too many prints – especially if your room already holds a lot of furniture and accessories. Too many prints will compete for attention and can make a room seem small and cluttered.

As a general rule, big bold prints will make objects appear more dominant. Small patterns can eliminate undesirable angles and visually increase the size of a room. Use the bigger, bolder patterns on furnishings or architectural details that you want to stand out. For example, a big wallpaper print on one wall becomes the focal point in a room or a bold pattern on drapery panels brings the attention to the windows.

A unifying color theme is key and allows you to mix diverse prints like florals and geometrics in harmony. Select a main color and one or two accent colors to use in varying degrees in the prints. If you are new to patterns, choose a solid colors for your largest pieces, like sofas, and start with small doses of prints in pillows and area rugs. Wall stencils are another way to add patterns to your room and if you don’t like the result, it’s easy to paint over with minimal expense. I recommend starting with one print and see where it takes you. Who knows, maybe that exotic floral print will be just the perfect thing to create your own Resort at Home.