Resort at Home Office Space-2 Home Office Decor

I love to travel, but I also love being home and being a designer. To ensure I have the best of both worlds, I make my office feel like a beautiful resort with comfortable seating and fresh flowers. Yes, everyone asks me how I get any work done here.  Some days I do find myself getting lost in the view, but most days I’m so busy designing beautiful spaces I have to remind myself to enjoy it. To make the most of your home office, try some of my tips below.






Resort at Home Office Space2-2

This space used to be a storage room that we transformed into a beautiful home office and crafting area. Although we didn’t have a big window, we made the most of our slice of light by hanging pretty drapery to draw attention to it. We also gave the illusion of windows with the three square panels and the seashell sculptures for the feeling of a seaside resort.

Tip 1: Location, Location, Location. Choosing the location for your work space is the most important step in creating a productive environment. If you don’t have a room you can dedicate as a home office, perhaps another room can serve a dual purpose. Take the leaf out of an oversized formal dining room or remove a chair from a living room to make space. Or, replace a traditional bed with a pull out sofa or Murphy bed in a seldom used guest room.

Tip 2: Invest in a great chair. The chair needs to be comfortable and supportive so that you can focus on your work. Wheels are only necessary if you need to move around frequently. Be sure to include a pretty low pile rug to protect your floors, help absorb noise and for a nice plush feeling under your feet.

Tip 3: Let there be light. While the optimum location for your desk would be near a window, if that is not possible lighting is critical. Instead of taking up room on your desk, try using a floor lamp instead. Be sure to choose a lamp that has a light colored shade or has a swing arm to shine light down onto your work surface.

Tip 4: Organize. Thanks to technology, we no longer need endless file cabinets or wires run everywhere. Upgrade to wireless technology which allows you to place components like printers anywhere. Other items like scanners are handy for keeping everything organized electronically and reduce paper storage. Writing desks look great, but they don’t offer any drawers for storage. Try using woven or fabric baskets in bookcases for extra storage that looks great and adds personality to your space.

Tip 5: Inspire your creativity. Your home office should inspire you to do your best work, so be sure to use colors and patterns that you love. Add some plants, family photos, items you collected during your travels, and unique artwork to make the space your own. Having a home office decorated just the way you want it is one of the many perks of working from home and maintaining a Resort at Home feeling every day.