This beautiful condominium has a western exposure with gorgeous views of the St. Lucie River. Our clients enjoy their time on the water and wanted a nautical feel without being too literal. This project was a complete remodel taking the entire space down to concrete. Walls, windows, piping, and HVAC were all relocated to maximize the space and open up the views. Since we had amazing sunsets, we used a River Sunset theme and added elements to make you feel like you were on a yacht.

Living Room

Our color scheme included warm golds and oranges and navy blue. The blue granite fireplace wall feels like flowing water and a fun fish print on the rug carries on that theme.

Two recliners make for great movie watching and built in cabinets surround the room for plenty of storage. We especially like the contemporary ceiling fan which reminds us of a propeller.

Dining Room

Our dining area had to accommodate at least 10 but we were limited on storage for extra chairs. So we created a small breakfast area with chairs that double as host and hostess chairs for larger gatherings.

The breakfast area has become a favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the boats go by. The unique chandelier maintains those modern touches while giving off a lot of light without blocking the view.


The wall separating the entry and the kitchen is one of the only walls from the original floor plan and couldn’t be moved. We included a lot of style in the small galley kitchen with two-tone cabinets and we expanded the bar outside the kitchen to include a sink and dishwasher making the kitchen feel much more spacious.

The kitchen includes gourmet appliances and all of the electrical outlets are hidden under the cabinets to show off the Venetian marble backsplash. A drawer microwave keeps the counters clear and there is lighting under and above the cabinets since there is no natural light in this area.

Across from the kitchen bar is a beverage bar with a built in wine cooler. A new mahogany staircase reminiscent of a ship’s stairwell separates the kitchen and dining room and leads to the master suite upstairs.


Being part of a condominium, the front door had to meet the associations exact specification and be made of steel. The clients wanted that warm wood feeling they had throughout the space so a faux painter created the amazing texture and details on the back of the door. Custom artwork covers up a large electrical panel but keeps it accessible if necessary.

Den & Guest Bath

The den serves a multi purpose as a home office and a guest room with the sofa bed.

A large storage ottoman hides pillows and bedding. The guest bath was done in a soft white coastal theme. The wainscoting matches that at the bar in the kitchen.

Vertical iridescent blue tile was installed vertically to give the illusion of falling water.

Master Bedroom & Bath

The second floor is exclusively for the master suite which boasts more water views and a lovely outdoor patio.

The master bath is cool and contemporary with a glass shower surround so that the view can always be enjoyed.

A comfy chair in a bold pattern accents the wall opposite the bed.

After photos by Kaunis Hetki Photography