Our clients already had some great pieces including these cool light fixtures and their house had what designers call great bones. They had lots of interesting architectural details and awesome windows and views. We used a wonderful piece of art the clients owned as our inspiration for the “Beach Storm” color and style scheme we created.

Dining & Entrance


The before pictures of the entrance show the contemporary vibe the clients wanted. The neutral walls didn’t do the light fixtures justice and there was no focal point in the room.


We transformed the entrance with a bright blue paint on the inside of the front doors and an eye catching art and sculptures on the dining room wall. The wavy rug, coral print on the drapery, and incredible photos by Captain Kimo (used with permission) gave us a “wow” moment when you walk in. And, there is entertaining space for eight now and even a tiny bench under the window so the family’s adorable dog can get a good view out the window without scratching up the wall.

? We kept the entrance cool with a simple table but added a coral framed mirror to set the tone for the entire home.

Living Room


The large room had a large, blank wall behind the tv and a gorgeous view. We wanted to add visual interest to the wall and help the furniture and art stand out a bit more.


We painted the entry, dining and living rooms a light grey blue and jazzed up the space with deep teal. The new deep shag rug is super soft and the modern lamps bring shine and more color into the room.

We added a linen banded drapery on all the large windows for privacy and some light control. We also added extra seating with two barrel chairs that are easy to move on game day.

WBig television’s are a real sore point for decorators. They become a black hole in the room. To move some of the focus off the tv, we added a navy grasscloth wallpaper to the wall and randomly installed shelves to display unusually art pieces. The driftwood fish in the lower left corner seems to be a fan favorite, followed closely by the hammer head shark near the top. The larger media cabinet hides all the electronics to keep the space neat and organized.



Adjacent to the living room is a lovely den with a built in bar. The client’s wanted this to be a space for a couple of friends to relax and enjoy a cocktail or a nice place to read and enjoy the view.


We replaced the sofa with four ultra comfortable swivel rocking chairs. Between each set of chairs is a martini table and the large ottoman serves the dual purpose of foot rest and cocktail table.

After photos by Joanee Kagel