Miami Beach is a vibrant and fun tropical treat.  From its many gorgeous beachfront resorts to its hot nightlife, Miami Beach is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  At the turn of last century, Miami Beach was nothing more than a sandbar but a few pioneers decided the area could be transformed into a real island. Through some amazing feats of civil engineering, they managed to change the flow of channels and bring in enough soil to create a new barrier island.  By the 1920’s and 30’s famous gangsters started wintering on Miami Beach and the first building boom began.  Things cooled off a bit during the war years, but by the mid-1950’s Miami Beach became THE place to vacation.  Movie stars like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin frequented the tony resorts along the ocean like the Eden Roc and Fountainbleau.  Miami Beach became a Las Vegas-style playground filled with excitement and drama.  It was a place to see and be seen.  The tropical fashions, mid-century modern architecture, and overall cool vibe became known as Miami Modern, or MiMo for short.  We took our cues for the Miami Beach Collection from this MiMo era with its bright colors and 1950’s motifs all with a tropical attitude.

Our “Bubbles” print is inspired by all the bubbles in Miami Beach from the champagne to the frothy foam at the beaches.

Nothing says “Miami” like a flock of flamingos.


The warm tropical plants found all around the resorts of Miami Beach were the inspiration for this fun print.