Brighten small baths with white cabinetry and dramatic wall paper.

Brighten a small bathroom with white cabinetry and dramatic wall paper.

The Keys to Beautiful Baths

I know this might seem like an odd question, but how does your bathroom make you feel?  We typically start and end our day in the bathroom. If your bathroom greets you with cracked tiles, low sink vanities, poor lighting, and uninspired colors, it might be having an impact on your day.  And while some might think that this time of uncertainty isn’t the right time to start a remodel project, imagine how much better you’ll feel everyday experiencing a fresh and stylish new bathroom.

There are just a few key elements to having a good remodel experience.  The first is to have a plan.  You should spend time visiting several home improvement stores, tile, flooring and plumbing suppliers, and lighting showrooms.  Take pictures that you like from magazines and the internet ( is a great website for inspiration) with you shopping so that you can identify those suppliers that have items you like and you’ll know how much they cost.

The second element is to create a reasonable budget.  Reasonable depends on how much work you need to have done.  The National Kitchen and Bath Association reported that the average cost of a bathroom remodel in 2016 is $16,000 with about 50% of all bath remodels costing between $10,000 and $30,000 and 30% of all remodels costing more than $30,000.  Keep in mind that if you hire a contractor, you’ll be paying for materials, labor and overhead so you’ll need to budget for each of those as well as plan for a little contingency for any unforeseen issues.

The third element is to include conveniences that will make your bathroom more functional.  Niches in shower walls eliminate the need for clunky shower organizers.  If you are planning to use a shower rod, get one of the curved designs to make your shower feel much more spacious.  Include extra storage with shelves and cabinets to keep the sink area clutter free which also makes the bathroom feel bigger.

And finally, infuse your plan with your personality.  Unless you are planning to sell your home in the near future, you should be creating a space that makes you happy, not one that pleases everyone.  If you are thinking about a bathroom or kitchen remodel, join us for one of our workshops to learn about the latest trends, get design advice on your project, templates and planning guides to take home, and a lovely catered lunch. Go to our workshop page to sign up.