We Believe…

Home is where the heart is. We love to travel, but we love to be at home, too! Our families, including the furry ones, are the top priorities in our life. Your home should be a reflection of you, what you love, and your personal style. You should look forward to being there and sharing it with the special ones in your life.

A fabulous resort is great inspiration for a five-star life. Why should treating ourselves special be limited to just vacation? We work hard taking care of our family, businesses, and communities and we deserve to feel great every day. Those really great resorts know how to tickle all your senses from the giant fresh flower arrangements in the lobby to the specialty chocolates on your pillow at night and everything in between. Everyday should feel like a vacation day.

This gorgeous view of Costa Brava was captured by Resort At Home’s owner, Kimberly Perron, during a recent trip to Spain.

We believe that all beautiful things are inspired by nature. We express this in the colors, patterns and feelings evoked by our designs. Every design we do has a natured-inspired theme like River Sunset, Vanilla Orchid, or Beach Storm. We want you to feel like the outside has come inside your home. Just like a really great resort will feel organic, like it sprung from the natural surroundings.

We believe taking care of our planet is important. We endeavor to be earth-conscious and respectful of our environment. Whenever possible we choose local suppliers, source products made in the USA, use sustainable materials, and recycle, reduce and reuse in our own offices and homes.

We believe in laughing. A lot. We are always professional but we do enjoy a good belly laugh. We laugh at ourselves, a great joke, those horrible 80’s hairdos, silly cat videos, difficult situations, and even the crazy south Florida drivers. We infuse humor in our work and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We believe in having new adventures and traveling the world. There is nothing as exhilarating as experiencing new cultures and trying new things. We take time every year to visit someplace we haven’t been before and each week our goal is to try something new. It doesn’t have to be a big change. It might be a recipe, a new workout, a story from a new author, or a new website. The brain loves novelty and so do we!

We believe luxury is worth the investment. Nothing is more expensive than regret. An item or experience that is created with integrity, craftsmanship, history, and uniqueness is worth more than the amount paid. It pays dividends in the enjoyment and pleasure derived from it. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious. It just needs to be high quality and something you believe is important.

We believe age is just a number. We are inspired by all the dynamic, incredible women out there that are over 40. Nothing is more beautiful than being confidently yourself, which seems to be a gift we receive as we get older. It’s never too late to try something new or reinvent yourself or your space.

We believe in stimulating all five senses. Luscious fragrances make us happy and we love fresh flowers. I mean, we really love fresh flowers. We might have a teeny, tiny problem there since our flower expenditures exceeded our utilities bill last month! The sounds in your home should be soothing, unless you are having a party. Then they should be jazzy! Food should be delicious and a feast for the eyes and nose, too. Things in your home should feel good when you touch them. If there is anything in your space that doesn’t make you smile, get rid of it! Releasing things that no longer serve you have the magic ability to make someone else very happy. Go ahead. Make someone else happy.

We believe comfort is key. Comfort is a key factor in creating a relaxing environment. We choose fabrics that feel wonderful, select furniture that feels great to sit on, use an uncluttered, clean and contemporary aesthetic, and ensure the floor plan is optimal for free flow around the space. To us, there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable sofa. Oh, and ugly, flat pillows. That’s bad, too.

We believe in making time to relax and enjoy life. We are all busy. It’s not likely that we’ll become even more busy if we indulge in a facial every now and then. Everybody needs a little pampering. We believe self-care makes you more productive. That’s why our full-time employees have one hour every week when they are paid to go do something for themselves during our normal business hours. They can do whatever they like. Get a manicure, visit a museum, walk on the beach, take yoga class, or whatever invigorates them. A happy employee gives great customer service.

We believe in entertaining with flare. Life is built on memories and your family and friends are worth it. Setting a pretty table, decorating with a theme, serving great food, playing nice music, creating special touches and having at least one surprise will make your guests feel special and loved. Make it an “event.”

We believe water rejuvenates the soul. Water views. The color of water. The sound of water. The smell of the ocean. Feeling light as air while swimming. The thrill of diving in the Caribbean. It’s no wonder that many of our designs are inspired by the sea, a lovely river, a gorgeous lake, or a mesmerizing waterfall. It just makes you say “ahhhhh…”. Did we mention we really like blue?

We believe in expressing personal style. We are obsessed with shows like Project Runway, Design Star, and Vogue’s CFDA Fashion Awards. We love it when someone has a strong point of view or a really clear brand identity. It’s something we are striving for in our own designs and business. You’ll often find us pouring over the runway highlights from Fashion Week, looking at trends, and getting the vibe. And while comfort and high fashion don’t always mix (high heels – we’re talking to you!), you can be both comfortable and stylish in your wardrobe and home décor. And “you” is the most important ingredient in your style. Take what speaks to you in the latest trends, and leave the rest.

We believe in being kind and generous. We strive to always be kind to our fellow man and be generous with our time, talents and treasures. We encourage our clients to donate their used furnishings to local organizations and help them make it happen. We financially support several local, national and global organizations that make life better for our communities and our planet. We also perform at least one pro-bono makeover project each year for a local non-profit. A beautiful space makes a positive impact.

Lastly, we believe someday is now. There is no point in waiting to take that trip, do that makeover, learn how to dance, or whatever you’ve been putting off. We say “Carpe Diem!” Live everyday like it’s a vacation day. At a fabulous resort. In Fiji. And your hair looks amazing.